Real Estate Developers and Crypto: The Future of Property Transactions

Real Estate Developers and Crypto: The Future of Property Transactions

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Cryptocurrency may still feel like a new player in the financial world, but it’s been around longer than you might think. The journey began in 2009 with the birth of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency.

When cryptocurrency first emerged, it was met with skepticism and uncertainty. The concept of an alternative to the traditional currency we are so used to seemed unfathomable. The idea of switching to a digital alternative was a leap too far for many, more so making a real estate purchase with it.

For the first few years, Bitcoin remained largely unnoticed. Those who did invest in crypto held onto it as a form of digital gold. If you had invested $100 in Bitcoin back in 2010, today, you’d be sitting on a fortune!

But as we’ll see, the crypto landscape has evolved significantly since then, reshaping how we approach finance, including real estate transactions. Today, some people even buy real estate with crypto.


Crypto in Real Estate: Why Should Real Estate Developers Care?

real estate bought with crypto


The real estate industry has long been steeped in tradition. Making down payments, wiring money to close escrows, and navigating the complexities of financing and investing has remained unchanged for decades.

However, a shift to digital transactions has been happening across various industries, and real estate transactions are no exception. Currently, the drive towards choice, flexibility, and speed in payments is becoming increasingly important. Consumers now have unprecedented control, not previously seen, over how they make payments. The challenge for real estate companies is to modernize disbursements and turn them into a seamless payment experience where there is choice and speed.

Fast forward to today, 14 years since Bitcoin first made its debut. Cryptocurrency has permeated many aspects of our lives and shows no signs of slowing down. Crypto-rich investors, eager to beat inflation, diversify their investment portfolio and grow their wealth long-term, are converting their digital asset gains into tangible, physical real estate.

This fusion of industries is creating a new norm, with more and more real estate developers and sellers accepting crypto as an alternative to standard cash payments. Browse through some real estate websites, and you’ll notice how easy it has become to buy real estate with crypto.

As a result, real estate properties are fast becoming a savvy way for crypto investors to stabilize their upsides. This shift is more than just a trend; it’s a testament to the growing influence of crypto in the real estate industry.


The Benefits of Accepting Crypto for Real Estate Developers

crypto vs fiat in real estate


Why should I start accepting cryptocurrency? The answer lies in the unique advantages that crypto transactions can offer your business. The shift towards digital currencies isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s a response to the growing demand and the tangible benefits of such a move.

From broadening your customer base to streamlining transactions, embracing cryptocurrency can significantly boost your real estate business. It’s not just about keeping up with the times; it’s about staying ahead of the curve and capitalizing on the opportunities that this digital revolution presents.

In a time when more and more merchants are accepting cryptocurrency due to its increasing demand and the multitude of benefits it offers real estate property buyers, can you afford to be left behind? Here are some of the benefits of considering cryptocurrency real estate transactions.


Tapping into a New Market

new market of crypto buyers


By accepting crypto, you’re opening the doors to an entirely new demographic – the crypto investors. These individuals, who have accumulated substantial wealth through cryptocurrency investments, constantly seek solid, tangible avenues for real estate investment. Real estate properties present a prime opportunity.

This shift can be a game-changer in the real estate industry. By tapping into this new pool of potential buyers, you can significantly boost your sales and impact your bottom line. It’s a new era where digital currencies are revolutionizing real estate transactions.

It is crucial to understand that the cryptocurrency world is characterized by its cycles, alternating between bull and bear markets. During bull markets, when the value of cryptocurrencies surges, many crypto investors find themselves flush with digital wealth.

In fact, during the last bull run, a clear trend emerged: a significant number of these crypto-rich individuals started to make real estate purchases with their crypto assets. This trend underscores the immense potential of merging the real estate market and crypto. As a real estate developer, embracing this trend could give you a competitive edge.


Faster, Cheaper Real Estate Transactions

crypto is cost effective


Crypto transactions can be faster and cheaper than traditional methods. The use of smart contracts in blockchain technology allows for instant, peer-to-peer transactions.

This means you can sell real estate directly to buyers without the need for intermediaries such as banks, reducing transaction fees and speeding up the process. This can make a significant difference in the real estate industry, where lengthy bank processes and high fees often slow down real estate purchases. CoinPayments charge just 0.5% fee to process payments from anywhere in the world.


Publicity Boost for Real Estate Companies

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Accepting crypto payments can give your business a publicity boost. Crypto real estate transactions often make headlines, attracting attention from potential buyers and investors.

This can enhance your brand’s reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking player in the real estate industry, setting you apart from your competitors.


Global Accessibility and Greater Liquidity in the Real Estate Market

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Cryptocurrency transactions are borderless and can be completed from anywhere in the world. This global accessibility makes it easier for international buyers to participate in your real estate market, potentially increasing the demand and value of your properties.

Furthermore, by using cryptocurrency to complete real estate deals, you can tap into a global pool of potential investors, increasing the liquidity of your properties.


Success Stories: Real Estate Developers Embracing Crypto

real estate developers that embraced crypto


As the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency in real estate transactions become more apparent, several countries and developers have started to embrace this trend. Let’s explore some countries and instances that have made buying real estate with crypto and the developers leading the charge possible.


Countries Allowing Investors to Buy Real Estate With Crypto


Thanks to its tax-friendly approach towards cryptocurrencies, Portugal has emerged as a haven for crypto investors. The country doesn’t impose capital gains tax, making it an attractive destination for crypto investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios into real estate.

In a landmark event, Portugal saw its first property sale in cryptocurrency in May 2022. An apartment in Braga, worth €110,000, changed hands for just under 3 BTC in minutes. This transaction wasn’t just a simple exchange but a testament to the country’s progressive stance on crypto real estate transactions.

This move is a clear example of how embracing cryptocurrency can open doors to a new market of buyers. With an increasing number of individuals holding significant wealth in digital assets, the potential for crypto real estate transactions is immense.


United Arab Emirates

The UAE, particularly Dubai, is known for its innovative approach to business and finance. Unsurprisingly, the country is one of the frontrunners in accepting cryptocurrency for real estate transactions. Leading real estate developers in the UAE have started accepting stablecoins, including USDT and USDC, from their customers.

This move is a testament to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency in the real estate industry and the desire to meet the demands of investors looking to convert their digital assets into tangible real estate properties.

In addition to Dubai, Bahrain is also making strides in the crypto real estate space. Leading real estate developers in Bahrain have started accepting Bitcoin and even meme coins like Shiba Inu for property transactions. This move is facilitated by adopting cryptocurrency payment solutions, making it easier for clients to purchase properties using their digital assets.



Turkey is also making waves in the crypto world. With the Turkish Lira experiencing volatility, many Turks have turned to cryptocurrencies as a more stable store of value. This shift hasn’t gone unnoticed by the country’s real estate sector.

In the bustling city of Istanbul, real estate firms now accept crypto payments, making it easier for investors to buy property. Imagine buying a property in the heart of Istanbul, one of the world’s most vibrant cities, with your Bitcoin or Ethereum via your digital wallet. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality happening right now.

But it doesn’t stop there. Turkey offers a golden visa program where a property purchase of at least $250,000, in fiat or its equivalent in crypto, can lead to Turkish citizenship. This is a significant incentive for crypto investors looking to diversify their portfolio into real estate.

These examples illustrate the growing trend of real estate developers accepting cryptocurrency. By doing so, they’re tapping into a new market of crypto buyers, streamlining transactions, and gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

However, it’s important to note that while these success stories highlight the potential of crypto in real estate, the journey may not be without its challenges. As a real estate developer, it’s crucial to understand these challenges and be prepared to navigate them.


How to Accept Crypto Payments as a Real Estate Developer

coinpayments used by real estate developers as crypto payment gateway


You might wonder, “How can I start accepting cryptocurrency payments for my real estate business?” The process is simpler than you think, especially with platforms like CoinPayments.

CoinPayments is a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway, facilitating easy blockchain payments for business and personal users. With thousands of merchants globally using CoinPayments to handle their digital asset transactions, it’s a tried and tested solution you can trust.

One of the key advantages of CoinPayments is its support for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. With over 100 crypto assets supported on the platform, you can offer your customers a broad range of payment options to buy real estate property, catering to their preferences and increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.

CoinPayments also features a Point-of-Sale solution, facilitating the payment of goods or services. This is particularly beneficial for real estate agents, investors, property developers, and home buyers, who can benefit from the cost-saving solution through CoinPayments’ low fees and reliability.

CoinPayments provides an invoice mechanism allowing businesses to issue their clients invoices for simple payment completion. This makes it easy for you to manage your transactions and keep track of your payments.

To accept cryptocurrency payments for your real estate business, you only need to open an account with CoinPayments. With low fees of just 0.5%, it’s an affordable solution that can open up a whole new world of opportunities for your business.


Wrapping Up

In real estate, it’s not uncommon for developers to think outside the box regarding payment methods. But have you ever heard of accepting wheat, garlic, and peaches as down payments?

Well, that’s exactly what some Chinese real estate developers did in 2022! As amusing as it may sound, it’s a creative solution to their liquidity crunch. So, if accepting fruits and grains can be a thing, why not cryptocurrency? After all, unlike perishable goods, cryptocurrencies don’t spoil and have the potential to appreciate over time.

So, next time you’re considering boosting your real estate business, remember – accepting crypto payments could be a ‘peach’ of an idea!


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