A Decade of Innovation: Celebrating 10 Years of CoinPayments as the Leading Crypto Payments Gateway Provider

A Decade of Innovation: Celebrating 10 Years of CoinPayments as the Leading Crypto Payments Gateway Provider

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What a journey so far.

After 10 years of CoinPayments, its community has grown together, expanding cryptocurrency payments globally and establishing the CoinPayments brand as the most trusted crypto gateway platform.

But where did it all begin?

As we celebrate a decade of complementing businesses through reliable cryptocurrency payment services, let’s reminisce about an amazing journey so far.


10 Years of CoinPayments Down, An Infinite More to Go

The year was 2013. Doge was merely a Shiba Inu puppy and the cryptocurrency market had just begun taking its first baby steps into the limelight. With a foresight of what might transpire in the crypto ecosystem, Alex Alexandrov, a trailblazer in the industry, dared to ride the payment gateway train, establishing CoinPayments.

CoinPayments’ first-mover advantage paid off, as we’ll shortly see.


A Masterstroke in Unique Selling Points (USPs)

At a time when Bitcoin reigned supreme, CoinPayments saw the untapped potential of altcoins, which at the time were a minority in cryptocurrency ecosystem. With a multi-currency wallet, CoinPayments courageously stepped into the unknown, offering the crypto community a groundbreaking payment processing solution.

From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon, CoinPayments didn’t just stop at supporting a few alternative currencies. We delved deep into the crypto ecosystem, embracing countless digital currencies, each a unique piece of the puzzle.

Like a rocket-fueled meme, CoinPayments grew as its user base expanded, clamoring for more coin options. Responding to the rallying cries, CoinPayments added more practical features, including:

The new features contributed to our mission of simplifying cryptocurrency payments and striving to assist in building a bridge towards financial inclusion.


Crypto Payments Made Easy

With thousands of merchants and users trusting us since 2013, CoinPayments has simplified cryptocurrency transactions globally.

Here’s how businesses are impacted with CoinPayments cryptocurrency payment gateway:

  • Instant transaction settlement at reduced costs
  • Increased global reach
  • Secure and trustworthy transaction
  • Zero chargeback fraud
  • Borderless transactions (by accepting crypto payments)
  • Increased deposits in various platforms
  • Anonymous payments

Here are businesses and the impact enjoyed upon choosing CoinPayments as their crypto payments gateway:

Businesses  CoinPayments’ Impact 
Forex Platforms 
  • Seamless cross-border transactions with CoinPayments’ global presence 
  • Pay little in transaction fees (starting at only 0.5%) 
  • A mobile application to manage your Forex business from anywhere 
E-commerce Stores 
iGaming Platforms 
  • Simplified client account management with complementary APIs 
  • Branded checkout experience so your clients know it’s your platform 
  • Expanded iGaming customer base by attracting crypto-paying clients 


Our presence on both continents continues to grow as we break into emerging markets and cement our presence in established jurisdictions.

The number of businesses working with CoinPayments has also increased.

  • In Forex, we’ve handledmillions in transaction volume and close to a thousand businesses receive our crypto payment services
  • With a lot of iGaming platforms choosing CoinPayments, we’ve facilitated a great amount of transaction volume to date
  • Thousands of eCommerce platforms trust CoinPayments with their cryptocurrency transactions. It’s no coincidence.


Complementary Partners Along the Way

One of CoinPayments’ secrets to success lies in its tenacious spirit of collaboration. Since our inception, CoinPayments knew forging alliances with the biggest names in various industries was key to reaching our primary objectives. The strategy has proven to be a resounding success.

Welcoming Magento, Woo Commerce, OpenCart, and several popular eCommerce platforms into our fold, CoinPayments ensured easy integration through ready plugins, transforming even the most skeptics into fervent crypto enthusiasts.

But don’t just take our word for it. The accolades from our esteemed partners and clients speak volumes about the caliber of CoinPayments’ service. NordVPN, a household name in online security, has entrusted CoinPayments with crypto payments processing for years, finding our service and reliability nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a match made in digital heaven – standing united to safeguard your transactions.

Wouter Vonk, the visionary Founder of BitGild, has journeyed alongside CoinPayments for several years. In his own words, CoinPayments is a “no-nonsense crypto processor,” and who could argue with that? Straightforward, versatile and meticulously tailored to meet client needs.

But that’s not all.

coinpayments ecommerce


New Crowdfunding Ventures Thanks to Visionary Associates

CoinPayments and IgnitionDeck joined forces not merely to accept the world’s most beloved cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), but to unlock crowdfunding options for users. The partnership paved the way for a new crowdfunding source, empowering startups and established companies to chase their wildest aspirations.

IgnitionDeck’s foresight was undeniable and CoinPayments’ expertise made for an excellent collaboration to progress user payment options.


CoinPayments’ Growing Service Portfolio

Our core offering to the community is facilitating cryptocurrency payments.

In a decade of service, we’ve realized our clients require additional supportive products to further enjoy their CoinPayments experience.

To ensure adherence to this philosophy, here’s a list of CoinPayments products and services available so far:

  • Business accounts for cryptocurrency payment handling
  • Personal wallets where users hold up to 2000 different cryptocurrencies – currency conversion services in personal wallets
  • Gift purchases
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android

coinpayments accepted crypto


Sharing Blockchain Knowledge and Interacting with the Community

The CoinPayments team recognized an increasing need for awareness and understanding of blockchain, Web3 and cryptocurrency concepts. In that spirit, CoinPayments Media emerged, providing the latest industry news and education for businesses and consumers. We’re empowering individuals with the knowledge to harness the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies, Web3 and blockchain technology.

Beyond education, CoinPayments provides business guides to help enterprises understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our Bi-Weekly Pulse recaps the most captivating industry news in an easyily digestible format delivered straight to the user’s inbox.

CoinPayments has continued to interact with the growing cryptocurrency community in various events and highlighted the advantages of crypto payments to several industry leaders.

With our position as the market leader, we’ve engaged with enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers, fostering an ecosystem thriving on collaborations. Our participation in prestigious events was a testament to this unwavering dedication. In 2023 alone, we adorned the stages of renowned conferences including Amsterdam iGB Live, ICE London, and Sigma Eurasia.

coinpayments salesman discussing at event


Beyond our conference appearances, we forged powerful partnerships with businesses and merchants, extending the reach of our payment platform worldwide. Today, you’ll find CoinPayments services integrated into e-commerce giants, online marketplaces and brick-and-mortar stores.

The world’s embrace of cryptocurrencies affirms our collective dream: a future where transactions are swift, secure and devoid of borders.

coinpayments salesman at event

International Recognition Fueling our Passion for Service

As they say, no victory is sweeter than one earned through perseverance and resilience. CoinPayments was delighted to be crowned the “Best Crypto Payments Gateway in Europe” in 2023.

As we look ahead to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to driving the revolution of financial empowerment. The seeds we planted in 2013 have sprouted into a forest of possibility, and with every passing day, we stride boldly into the crypto payment future.

For our cryptocurrency payment platform, the adventure has only just begun.

So, let’s raise our virtual glasses to celebrate an astonishing decade.

We’d like to thank our loyal users, clients, team members and everyone associated with CoinPayments for the amazing journey so far and for the one that lies ahead.

Here’s to another 10 years of CoinPayments, to another chapter of this gripping saga, where innovation knows no bounds and where the future of payments lies in the brilliance of cryptocurrencies!


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