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This is a crypto slang word and an acronym for hold on for dear life. It is used to encourage crypto users to refrain from selling their currencies when the market is volatile.
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Dealing with chargebacks is a hassle no business fancies, especially in Forex. These chargebacks are not just a dent in revenue; they put a ...
It’s been over a decade since the birth of Bitcoin, the first digital asset and the blockchain industry has exploded into a trillion-d...
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Sean Mackay
CEO, CoinPayments
“The benefits of what crypto can do are out there – borderless transactions in our globalising world are indispensable.”

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Have you come across the bright orange Rabbit R1 device recently? Since its debut at CES 2024, it’s been catching eyes and sparking cu...
The world of cryptocurrency has exploded recently. Just a few years ago, we had a handful of digital coins, and now, in 2023, we’re lo...
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