CoinPayments Solidifies BetConstruct Partnership with Fasttoken

CoinPayments Solidifies BetConstruct Partnership with Fasttoken

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The leading cryptocurrency payment gateway CoinPayments, elevates partnership with Fasttoken (FTN) through strategic FTN integration.

CoinPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway, has announced the successful integration of Fasttoken (FTN). This integration cements the longstanding partnership between CoinPayments and Fasttoken (FTN), further advancing a shared commitment to innovation and seamless financial transactions within the digital economy.

About FTN: Fasttoken

Fasttoken (FTN) serves as the native currency of the Bahamut blockchain, an EVM-based layer 1 solution featuring a unique consensus mechanism known as Proof of Stake and Activity (PoSA). FTN plays a vital role as the gas unit for Bahamut, facilitating staking, block creation, validation mechanisms, and cross-chain operations.

CoinPayments: Pioneering Crypto Payment Solutions

Established in 2013, CoinPayments has been at the forefront of revolutionising global transactions through its comprehensive crypto payment gateway. With a robust platform supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies for payments, CoinPayments has earned its position as a top player in the digital payments landscape. Trusted by thousands of businesses and individuals, CoinPayments stands prominently in the industry.

Advantages of the Integration

Enhanced Credibility

The integration of FTN into CoinPayments reinforces FTN’s credibility and thus leverages its strengths in the cryptocurrency market.


Seamless Transactions

Users across the globe will benefit from the seamless integration of FTN into CoinPayments, offering a streamlined and efficient payment experience.


Global Adoption

The collaboration marks a deliberate effort to boost FTN’s adoption and utility in the digital economy, capitalising on CoinPayments’ influence in the cryptocurrency market.


Sean Mackay, CEO of CoinPayments, expressed his enthusiasm about the FTN integration: “The integration of FTN is a milestone that reflects our dedication to providing customised service to our clients and an exceptional cryptocurrency experience for our global users. We look forward to enhancing our payment gateway’s capabilities and contributing to the continued success and innovation in this dynamic industry landscape.”

Armen Chakhoyan, Head of Fasttoken, commented on the strategic move, stating, “Selecting CoinPayments for FTN’s integration marks a deliberate move to boost FTN’s adoption and utility across the digital economy. This collaboration is a testament to our joint commitment to wider acceptance, innovation, and providing a reliable, efficient gateway for users in the web3 world.”

The successful integration of FTN into CoinPayments underlines the commitment of both companies to usher in a new era of seamless transactions for users worldwide.

About CoinPayments

CoinPayments is a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway, providing innovative solutions for global transactions. CoinPayments has significantly transformed crypto payments in the iGaming sector, offering a secure, reliable, and user-friendly payment system. The platform empowers iGaming operators to provide their customers with secure and convenient payment options, thereby enhancing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and long-term loyalty.


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