CoinPayments Confirms iGB Live Attendance

CoinPayments Confirms iGB Live Attendance

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CoinPayments is pleased to confirm its participation at the highly anticipated iGB Live expo, set to take place at RAI Amsterdam from July 11th to 14th. Regarded as one of the industry’s most prestigious gatherings, iGB Live serves as a hub for connecting and celebrating the entire gaming community.

With over 6,000 industry leaders, operators, suppliers, and affiliates in attendance, iGB Live presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses aiming to elevate their iGaming operations. The expo offers a multitude of prospects for innovation, allowing participants to collaborate with experts in developing successful strategies for entering new markets and cultivating essential relationships for product upgrades and game development.

As the gaming ecosystem continues to be influenced by the growing presence of cryptocurrencies, CoinPayments recognises iGB Live as the perfect venue to showcase its innovative products and services tailored for this dynamic sector.


The Ideal Fusion: iGaming and Crypto

The world of iGaming is evolving rapidly, thanks to substantial technological advancements, and crypto plays a pivotal role in this transformation. Recognising the inherent compatibility between iGaming and crypto, operators are eagerly embracing digital payment solutions.

Cryptocurrency payments offer unparalleled levels of security and privacy, a distinguishing feature absent in traditional payment methods. Operating on decentralised networks, cryptocurrencies provide an additional layer of security and anonymity, a vital consideration for players prioritising the safeguarding of their data.

The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies represents a game-changing advantage for iGaming platforms, eliminating the complexities associated with currency conversion and international transactions. This translates into a seamless user experience, characterised by faster transaction times and a reduction in fees.

By embracing crypto payments, iGaming companies can secure and future-proof their revenue streams, resulting in increased profitability, reduced operational costs, and enhanced credibility.

As the pioneering and foremost crypto payment provider, CoinPayments serves as the primary gateway for crypto payment processing in the iGaming industry. It has successfully eliminated critical hurdles such as chargebacks and settlement delays faced by the iGaming sector and expanding its network by fostering iGaming partnerships highlights its commitment to the synergistic pairing of iGaming and crypto payments.


iGB Live: The Perfect Opportunity to Connect

Integrating crypto payments into any business is fast and effortless with CoinPayments. With access to the latest technology and features, CoinPayments empowers you to capture, maintain, and expand your market share effortlessly. CoinPayments is your ideal partner in this ever-evolving landscape.

We invite you to meet us in person at iGB Live and visit our Booth R12. Our team of experts will be readily available to provide you with all the information you need on seamlessly integrating our iGaming crypto payment solutions into your business.


Discover CoinPayments

Established in 2013, CoinPayments stands tall as one of the world’s leading crypto payment gateways. Operating worldwide and serving a vast network of thousands of merchants, CoinPayments empowers businesses to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins. With iGaming operators expressing tremendous interest in cryptocurrency options, CoinPayments continues to deliver outstanding experiences while dynamically adapting to evolving industry conditions. Trustworthy and renowned worldwide, CoinPayments takes pride in being an established name at the forefront of the global landscape.


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