CoinPayments Excels at SBC Summit Barcelona

CoinPayments Excels at SBC Summit Barcelona

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In the dynamic world where iGaming meets cryptocurrency, CoinPayments made waves at the SBC Summit Barcelona 2023. With an enthusiastic team and a compelling vision, we seized the opportunity to illuminate the future of the iGaming industry through our crypto solutions. Join us as we reflect on our triumphant journey!

Displaying the Power of Crypto Payments at SBC Summit Barcelona 2023

The CoinPayments team hit the ground running, delving into conversations with a broad spectrum of industry participants. Our booth buzzed with energy as we showcased the transformative power of crypto payments. Our CEO Sean Mackay, not only graced our booth but also captivated the audience with his insights during the conference session, “Emulating Ecommerce: Payment Leaders’ Acquisition Challenge.” Media interviews further amplified our message, enabling us to reach a broader audience.

As SBC Summit Barcelona 2023 drew to a close after three exhilarating days, CoinPayments stood tall. We owe our success to the dedication of our team, especially Sean Mackay, Kalin Kalinov, Malcolm Atuona, Yasmin Pace, Max Massoud Bavar, Miguel Cores, Jay Brown, Miguel F. and last but not least, Kate Krasnova who played a major part in organising our notable presence at the event. The team’s commitment breathed life into our brand values, making every interaction memorable.


Cryptocurrency’s Role in iGaming

CoinPayments’ participation at the event highlighted how effortlessly cryptocurrency payments can integrate into iGaming enterprises. We firmly believe in unlocking the extraordinary benefits that cryptocurrencies offer.

For those who couldn’t attend, remember, crypto payments can revolutionise your business by offering many benefits that traditional methods lack.

Primarily, the borderless quality of digital currencies simplifies transactions, eliminating the complexities of currency conversion and international payments. By adopting cryptocurrency payments, iGaming companies can secure their revenue streams, reduce operational costs, and enhance credibility while addressing critical industry challenges such as chargebacks and settlement delays.


CoinPayments: Where Innovation Meets Integration

CoinPayments reigns as the foremost crypto payment gateway, boasting a decade of operational excellence. Our platform supports over 150 cryptocurrencies and enjoys the trust of thousands of businesses and individuals since 2013. We empower businesses to embrace an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins.

We are not just a gateway; we are architects of seamless integration. We empower businesses to capture new markets effortlessly, ensuring they are ready for the future.


Join the Crypto Revolution

Reach out to us at and let’s embark on a journey where iGaming and cryptocurrencies converge, and create a future where transactions are swift, secure, and free of boundaries.


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