CoinPayments Concludes SiGMA Malta 2023: Crypto Payment Success in iGaming’s Future

CoinPayments Concludes SiGMA Malta 2023: Crypto Payment Success in iGaming’s Future

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Fresh from an action-packed visit to SiGMA Malta 2023, we are thrilled to recount our immersive experience at the forefront of innovation in the iGaming industry. From November 13th to 17th, we delved into the vibrant atmosphere, surpassing our expectations at every turn. With a big new venue and extended exhibition space located next to the marina, this year’s expo radiated an unprecedented and groundbreaking energy that truly set it apart!

SiGMA Malta, a convergence of groundbreaking innovation and cutting-edge technology, solidified Malta’s position as the hub of the gaming industry. Positioned at the heart of this gaming powerhouse, CoinPayments showcased its commitment to seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency payments into the iGaming landscape.


Navigating Payment Challenges

Throughout the expo, our team engaged in insightful discussions with diverse industry stakeholders. We discussed with a passion the transformative potential of our platform, addressing prevalent challenges such as chargebacks and settlement delays. Some of the hot topics covered included: multi-coin Coin Wallet and call-back addresses, off-ramps into Fiat, Bitcoin Lightning Network and our ability to support it with our platform, automatic conversion into stablecoin, easy cross-border transactions and fast settlements.

Our interactions extended beyond the confines of our booth, connecting us with industry luminaries and fellow exhibitors. These engagements provided profound insights into the evolving trends shaping the iGaming sector, fostering a spirit of learning, growth, and relationship-building.


Pinnacle Achievements at SiGMA Malta 2023

As the curtains closed on SiGMA Malta, a sense of accomplishment and optimism filled the air. Thought-provoking conversations led to promising alliances with potential clients and industry experts. Our team, including Yasmin Pace, Jonathan Acoca, Max Massoud Bavar, Kate Krasnova, and Kalin Kalinov, played pivotal roles in our success, while our engaging hostesses who embodied our brand values, contributed to an unforgettable event.


Peering into the Future

CoinPayments is more resolute than ever to revolutionise the iGaming landscape with cryptocurrency payment solutions. The momentum gained at SiGMA Malta fuels our passion and determination. Our gaze is set on shaping the future of iGaming, and we look forward to connecting with new and existing contacts at future events.


Next Stop: ICE London 2024

Our journey continues, with the next destination being ICE London 2024 on 6th – 8th February 2024. We look forward to engaging with more participants in the thriving iGaming sector, eager to integrate crypto payments.


Missed SiGMA Malta? Connect with Us!

For those who couldn’t make it to SiGMA Malta, reach out to us at Let’s discuss your crypto payment requirements and embark on a journey towards embracing the future of payments in the iGaming industry.

Thank you for being an integral part of our remarkable journey. Excitement awaits as we anticipate new adventures ahead!

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