CoinPayments Reflects on iFX Expo Dubai 2024

CoinPayments Reflects on iFX Expo Dubai 2024

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Fresh off the heels of an engaging and successful stint, CoinPayments bids farewell to iFX Expo Dubai 2024, a paramount event that took place from January 16th to 18th. The expo proved to be a dynamic platform for fostering connections across various industry sectors including Technology & Service Providers, Digital Assets & Blockchain, Retail & Institutional Brokers, Payments, Banks & Liquidity Providers, Affiliates & IBs, and Regulation & Compliance.

Strategically Positioned in the FOREX Realm

The expo held particular significance for CoinPayments as it provided a unique opportunity to engage with participants in the FOREX sector, a crucial domain for the company’s continued prominence. The event marked a return to the FOREX community after a noteworthy presence at FOREX Expo Dubai last September. CoinPayments reaffirmed its commitment to shaping a future where cryptocurrency and FOREX seamlessly converge.

Unveiling Cryptocurrency Potential

The atmosphere at the event exuded energy, with the CoinPayments booth becoming a focal point for discussions on cryptocurrencies, and more specifically, accepting crypto payments. As conversations flowed freely, attendees, both seasoned and newcomers, discovered the transformative power of digital currencies at our booth.

Seamless Integration in FOREX Brokerage

CoinPayments showcased how effortlessly cryptocurrency payments can integrate into FOREX brokerages, emphasising the extraordinary benefits they offer. In the dynamic landscape of FOREX brokerage, embracing cryptocurrencies becomes not just a choice but a strategic imperative. The integration of crypto payments opens doors to unexplored market segments, providing global accessibility and swift payment settlements.

Borderless Advantages in FOREX Transactions

Digital currencies’ borderless nature simplifies transactions, eliminating the complexities of currency conversion and international payments. By adopting cryptocurrency payments, FOREX brokers can secure revenue streams, reduce operational costs, and enhance credibility. Addressing critical industry challenges such as chargebacks and settlement delays becomes a seamless part of this evolution.

CoinPayments: A Decade-Long Legacy

As the premier cryptocurrency payment gateway with a decade-long legacy, CoinPayments supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, earning the trust of thousands of businesses and individuals since 2013. The company has played a transformative role in redefining the landscape of digital transactions.

After iFX Expo Dubai 2024: Join the Crypto Revolution

As iFX Expo Dubai 2024 concludes, CoinPayments extends an invitation to all FOREX industry pioneers. Embrace crypto payments and unlock a future where transactions are swift, secure, and limitless!

For more information, reach out to us at, and let’s embark on this revolutionary journey together.

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