Forex Expo Dubai 2023: CoinPayments Shines as Diamond Sponsor

Forex Expo Dubai 2023: CoinPayments Shines as Diamond Sponsor

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CoinPayments recently wrapped up FOREX Expo Dubai 2023 which it attended as a Diamond Sponsor. The event which took place at the World Trade Center, UAE on September 26th and 27th was a spectacle of innovation and opportunity, and the perfect place to mingle with the FOREX crowd. CoinPayments was ready to illuminate the path toward a future where cryptocurrency and FOREX seamlessly intertwine!


Unveiling the Crypto Potential: CoinPayments Takes Center Stage at Forex Expo Dubai 2023

From the moment the expo opened its doors, the atmosphere was electrifying, and the booth buzzing with conversations swirling around blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the future of finance, drawing seasoned crypto aficionados and intrigued newcomers alike. Here, knowledge flowed freely, questions found answers, and the uninitiated discovered the power of digital currencies.


Charting New Territories: CoinPayments’ Crypto Payment Solutions

Kalin Kalinov, CMO of CoinPayments, took to the stage, sharing his knowledge on ‘Crypto Payments for your FOREX Business.’ His insightful speech not only educated but also helped familiarise industry leaders with CoinPayments, a testament to the company’s commitment to spearheading change.


And the Award Goes to… CoinPayments!

Amongst the engaging exchanges and in-depth discussions, CoinPayments received the coveted ‘Best Crypto Payment Service Provider’ award, a resounding validation of its dedication and innovation and a tribute to the tireless efforts of the CoinPayments team.


Unlocking Tomorrow: Crypto Integration in FOREX Brokerage

In the ever-evolving realm of Forex brokerage, embracing cryptocurrencies isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic imperative. The fusion of crypto payments opens doors to unexplored market segments, offering unparalleled global accessibility and swift payment settlements. By embracing this evolution, FOREX brokers elevate customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and position themselves at the vanguard of innovation.


CoinPayments: Your Gateway to Cryptocurrency Transformation

CoinPayments stands tall as a premier cryptocurrency payment gateway, a market leader with a decade-long legacy. Supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies, CoinPayments has gained the trust of thousands of merchants worldwide, redefining the landscape of digital transactions.


Embrace the Future: Join the Crypto Revolution with CoinPayments

As we say goodbye to FOREX Expo Dubai 2023, CoinPayments extends an invitation to all pioneers of the FOREX industry to embrace crypto payments and unlock a future where transactions are swift, secure, and limitless.

Reach out to us at, and let’s embark on this revolutionary journey together.

Discover the Power of Crypto: Transform your FOREX business with CoinPayments!


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