The Future of Gaming Transaction: How iGaming Crypto Payment Will Change the Game in 2024

The Future of Gaming Transaction: How iGaming Crypto Payment Will Change the Game in 2024

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Join us as we explore how iGaming crypto payments are not only improving the user journey but also adding layers of safety and dependability.

The iGaming industry is experiencing rapid growth, emerging as a key player in the digital entertainment sector. As the iGaming industry grows, so does the need for streamlined and efficient payment methods. With a market projected to hit an impressive $107 billion in 2024 according to Statista, it’s clear that players are seeking simpler, more effective ways to manage their transactions.

For players, the appeal lies in engaging with their favourite iGaming platforms without getting entangled in complicated payment processes. On the flip side, platforms are constantly on the lookout for ways to handle iGaming payments and transactions smoothly and securely. An integrated and dynamic payment system isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity to energise the entire ecosystem and simplify things for everyone involved.

The advent of crypto payments is a game-changer in the true sense. Cryptocurrencies and other modern payment methods are transforming how players top up their iGaming accounts. These options are not just about convenience; they’re about providing a secure, flexible, and speedy transaction experience. This guide is your window into how crypto payments are elevating iGaming to new heights, focusing on their utility for both players and iGaming platforms.

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The Diversity in iGaming

The iGaming industry stands as a beacon of inclusivity, recognising the critical need for diverse online payment options to cater to a wide-ranging audience. This sector has expanded beyond traditional payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers, embracing digital and modern solutions such as cryptocurrencies. This significant shift reflects the industry’s commitment to accommodating players from various locations and financial backgrounds.

The surge of digital currencies to the forefront has not gone unnoticed by iGaming platforms globally. In the past decade, cryptocurrency has transitioned from an overlooked asset to a widely recognised form of investment. A growing number of iGaming payment service providers are now accepting cryptocurrencies, a trend that’s gaining momentum. According to an article by Wax, an impressive 55% of Millennial gamers own cryptocurrency, and 80% are intrigued by the prospect of using it for in-game transactions. The allure of cryptocurrency is its speed, security, and convenience, offering players a streamlined alternative to conventional banking methods.

This rising trend in cryptocurrency usage has profound implications for the future of iGaming. We can expect to see an increasing number of platforms embracing these instant, secure payment methods, opening up new avenues for players worldwide.

Moreover, the iGaming industry’s growth in emerging markets, particularly in regions like LATAM, Africa, and Asia, is noteworthy. Asia, for instance, with its vast population, has been pivotal in guiding the industry towards more inclusive and varied payment solutions. The flourishing iGaming scene in India is a testament to this, where operators are adapting to the unique cultural nuances and preferences of players.

This commitment to diversity in payment options is not just about inclusivity; it’s about forging new possibilities and experiences for players globally. It’s a movement towards ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their geographical or financial situation, has access to the exciting world of iGaming.


Why the Complex iGaming Payment Flow Needs a Lift

iGaming payments is marked by its complexity, involving multiple parties and intricate payment flows. This complexity is partly due to the nature of the iGaming industry, often perceived as high-risk. Within this intricate network, iGaming platforms grapple with a multitude of payment-related challenges that can impact their bottom line. These challenges range from managing loyalty and subscription services to optimising the checkout experience.

For players, the frustrations can be equally daunting. Many have faced barriers that deterred them from completing purchases. These hurdles include payment methods being declined, unexpected fees, a lack of trust in the website, difficulties with foreign currency conversions, and concerns over transaction security. Each of these issues represents a significant concern, detracting from the smooth user experience that is vital in iGaming.

But the complexities don’t end there. Additional factors contribute to making the iGaming payment process more challenging than it needs to be. For instance, the need for enhanced security measures in transactions, compliance with varying regulatory requirements across different regions, and the integration of multiple payment methods and currencies can all add layers of difficulty. This is where the need for a lift in the payment flow becomes evident.


Chargeback Frauds

Chargebacks are a primary concern in iGaming. They occur when players dispute charges after losses, impacting platforms financially and administratively. Key reasons include unrecognized transactions, fraudulent activities using stolen credentials, and player dissatisfaction from losses.

The repercussions of chargebacks are significant, leading to financial losses, fines, and potentially being blacklisted by payment providers. Beyond chargebacks, high transaction fees and processing delays also pose challenges, especially for players engaging in cross-border transactions and expecting quick payment processing.


High Transaction Fees and Processing Delays

Other critical concerns include high transaction fees for cross-border transactions and payment processing delays. These high fees, often borne by players, negatively affect player retention and overall satisfaction. Furthermore, iGaming transactions, especially withdrawals, can suffer from significant delays, frustrating players accustomed to the fast-paced nature of iGaming.

To maintain a positive reputation and ensure future viability, iGaming platforms must prioritise transparency and fairness, catering to the varied needs and expectations of their players.


Crypto Payments Brings a Seamless and Fully Integrated Solution

igaming operating accepting crypto payments

Tackling the challenges faced by both players and operators requires an innovative approach to transactions. Embracing digital currency through cryptocurrency payments is emerging as a game-changing solution, offering a seamless and fully integrated transaction experience.


Advantages of iGaming Crypto Payments

Crypto payments bring the inherent benefits of digital currencies, like decentralised ledgers and near-instant transfers, directly to iGaming transactions. Many leading operators now facilitate deposits and withdrawals in prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The advantages are numerous:


Rapid Processing

Cryptocurrencies ensure swift processing, with coins quickly appearing in accounts.


Large Transactions

Ideal for handling large amounts without traditional dollar limits on cards and bank accounts.


High Security

Decentralised nature contributes to secure transactions, with no central point of failure.



Public blockchain ledgers offer unparalleled transparency.


Low Fees

Significantly lower transaction fees compared to traditional card and wire transfers.


As global crypto adoption increases, so does its presence in iGaming, with more players and operators embracing this technology for its efficiency and ease of use.


Impact on iGaming Operators and Players

Accepting crypto payments does more than just enhance the customer experience; it has a direct positive impact on operator revenue and value:


Faster Deposits

Quick deposits mean players can engage sooner, boosting activity and revenue.


Increased Financial Access

The variety in payment options attracts a broader player pool.


Higher Conversion Rates

Fewer payment hurdles lead to more first-time depositors.


Enhanced Player Retention

Improved payment experiences contribute to long-term player engagement.


The revenue implications, though challenging to quantify precisely, are undoubtedly significant. The integration of crypto payments is making transactions more efficient, appealing to a broader audience, and ultimately changing the face of iGaming.


Do More with CoinPayments

coinpayments igaming crypto payments

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, embracing comprehensive payment solutions becomes crucial for success. CoinPayments offers a suite of crypto payment tools designed to propel your iGaming business into the future.


Advanced Features of CoinPayments

By integrating CoinPayments’ APIs, iGaming platforms can:


Accept Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Easily handle deposits and payments in over 100 different cryptocurrencies.


Unique Player Addresses

Assign each player a unique address and receive instant notifications for deposits.


Low Transaction Fees

Benefit from transaction fees as low as 0.5% of the transaction volume.


Stablecoin Conversion

Mitigate crypto volatility by automatically converting deposits into stablecoins.


Mass Payouts and Withdrawals

Streamline large-scale player payouts and withdrawals efficiently.


Custom Checkout Experience

Utilise the white label solution to tailor the checkout experience, enhancing trust in your brand.


Transforming iGaming Business Operations

CoinPayments is not just a payment processor; it’s a gateway to financial innovation in the iGaming sector. Experience a new era of transactional excellence in iGaming, where security, speed, and flexibility lead the way to a more profitable and player-friendly future. Open a free account today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main challenges in iGaming payments that crypto can address?

Traditional payment methods in iGaming often come with high transaction fees and slow processing times. Crypto payments offer a solution with their fast, secure, and low-fee transactions. This not only enhances the gaming experience but also encourages more frequent transactions by players.


What kind of anonymity do iGaming crypto payments offer?

Cryptocurrency transactions provide a level of anonymity that traditional payment methods cannot. While players may need to disclose personal information for traditional transactions, crypto payments allow for a degree of privacy, adding a layer of security and discretion.


What cryptocurrencies are commonly accepted in iGaming platforms?

Many iGaming platforms now accept a variety of cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, as well as a range of other digital currencies, catering to the diverse preferences of players.


What is the role of payment gateways like CoinPayments in iGaming?

Payment gateways like CoinPayments facilitate the integration of cryptocurrency payments in iGaming platforms. They offer features like accepting multiple cryptocurrencies, ensuring secure transactions, and providing tools for efficient payment processing.


Can iGaming platforms avoid chargebacks with crypto payments?

Yes, one significant advantage of crypto payments is the avoidance of chargebacks. Unlike traditional payment methods, cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, reducing the risk of chargebacks and associated losses for iGaming platforms.


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