Crypto Payment Predictions & Insights for the Upcoming Bull Market

Crypto Payment Predictions & Insights for the Upcoming Bull Market

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In this episode of Crypto Hipster podcast, seasoned entrepreneur, blockchain advocate and CoinPayments CEO, Sean Mackay, joins expert crypto enthusiast, Jamil Hasan, for a discussion that dives deep into crypto payment predictions, the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

With a background spanning diverse industries, Sean’s journey led him to CoinPayments in 2018, where he has played a pivotal role in promoting cryptocurrency adoption. In this engaging conversation, Jamil probes Sean about his experiences, CoinPayments’ resilience in the face of market challenges, and insightful predictions for the future of crypto payments amid the anticipated bull market.

Here’s a breakdown of the topics covered, or listen to the podcast here.


Exploring Sean’s Journey

Sean shares his remarkable journey, detailing his successes and the events that eventually led him to join CoinPayments, highlighting his engineering background and problem-solving skills.


CoinPayments’ Resilience During the Bear Market

Jamil delves into how CoinPayments managed to weather the crypto winter. Sean reveals the strategies and innovations that sustained the company during challenging times, offering a glimpse into its resilience amid market uncertainties.


Predicting the Next Bull Market and Top Blockchain Trends

The discussion shifts to the future of cryptocurrency markets. Sean shares his perspective on the timing of the next bull market, predicting a potential window of 6-12 months. He elaborates on the top five blockchain trends to watch for, including Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin Halving, DeFi, NFTs, and Tokenized assets, offering keen insights into their potential impacts.


Top Cryptos for Payments

Sean provides valuable insights into the leading cryptocurrencies used for payments, highlighting the shift towards Stablecoins, which now dominate with 50-60% of the volume, with Bitcoin accounting for 30-40%.


Exploring Bitcoin ETFs and Market Maturity

Jamil and Sean discuss Bitcoin ETFs, exploring their potential to stimulate market growth and indicating a maturing crypto landscape. Sean shares his thoughts on how these alternative asset classes could revolutionize the industry.


Combatting Illicit Activities and Empowering iGaming

Sean delves into the darker side of crypto, addressing its presence in the black market and terrorism while emphasising CoinPayments’ rigorous onboarding process to deter illicit activities. He also sheds light on CoinPayments’ focus on the iGaming sector, focusing on the benefits of crypto in this industry and the tailored services CoinPayments offers.

This enlightening episode of Crypto Hipster not only unveils the secrets behind successful crypto payments but also provides a roadmap for the upcoming bull market. Sean Mackay’s expertise and insights shed light on the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, making it a must-listen for enthusiasts, investors, and businesses aiming to navigate the intricate world of blockchain technology.

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