Why Crypto Payments is the Currency for AI: Insights from CoinPayments Live on X Spaces

Why Crypto Payments is the Currency for AI: Insights from CoinPayments Live on X Spaces

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On 14th March, CoinPayments hosted another engaging session on X (formerly Twitter) Spaces, focusing on the intersection of cryptocurrency payments and artificial intelligence (AI). Titled “Why Crypto Payments is the Currency for AI,” the session featured special guest Jean-Michel Azzopardi, a blockchain evangelist and cybersecurity advocate, alongside CoinPayments experts Kate Krasnova, Brand, Creative & Content Director and Thierry Lord, Digital Marketing Manager. The discussion aimed to provide valuable insights into the relationship between crypto payments and AI, exploring current trends, future possibilities, and firsthand experiences within the crypto space.

Summary of Session

Kate initiated the session by introducing Jean-Michel Azzopardi and setting the stage for the discussion while Jean-Michel shared his extensive experience in the crypto space, emphasising blockchain technology‘s significance and his involvement in various projects.

Thierry kicked off the conversation by asking Jean-Michel why he believes crypto payments are essential for AI, leading to a discussion on the constructive interaction between these two domains. Jean-Michel provided examples of existing applications of crypto payments in AI projects and industries, offering insights into the current landscape and potential future developments.

The conversation delved into personal experiences with crypto payments, regional adoption trends, and the potential impact of mainstream acceptance. Jean-Michel envisioned a future where crypto payments are ubiquitous, painting a picture of everyday life in a world where digital currencies are widely accepted.

The discussion expanded to explore blockchain’s broader applications beyond payments, particularly in the context of AI and machine learning. Kate and Jean-Michel discussed government initiatives and regional developments, focusing on Malta’s efforts to position itself as a blockchain hub. Jean-Michel also offered practical advice to entrepreneurs interested in integrating crypto payments into their businesses, addressing common concerns and uncertainties.

The session concluded with light-hearted questions about time travel, speculative Bitcoin prices, industry trends, recommended reading, and personal reflections on entering the crypto space. Jean-Michel shared closing thoughts on the future of crypto payments and AI, encouraging continued exploration and innovation in these domains.

Conclusion of “Why Crypto Payments is the Currency for AI”

Overall, the CoinPayments Live session on X Spaces provided a comprehensive exploration of the relationship between crypto payments and AI. From discussing the fundamental advantages of cryptocurrencies to envisioning future applications and addressing practical considerations, the panellists offered valuable insights for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts in the crypto space.

As the conversation came to a close, it became evident that crypto payments hold immense potential to revolutionise various facets of AI and everyday transactions, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and inclusive financial ecosystem.

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