YaMarkets & CoinPayments: Enabling Cryptocurrency Payments for FOREX Traders

YaMarkets & CoinPayments: Enabling Cryptocurrency Payments for FOREX Traders

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YaMarkets, a key player in the FOREX and CFD markets has announced that it has integrated CoinPayments, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway. The alliance empowers YaMarkets‘ clients with the ability to conduct transactions using a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and more than 100 altcoins, bridging the worlds of digital currencies and financial markets in a seamless and innovative way.


Uniting Two Distinct Worlds

YaMarkets is a regulated FOREX broker committed to transparency, security, and innovation offering cutting-edge technology and advanced trading tools. It offers a range of tradable assets, and in collaboration with ZuluTrade, a best-in-class copy-trading platform that allows traders to replicate the trades of experienced and successful traders. The partnership between YaMarkets and CoinPayments marks a significant convergence of the cryptocurrency and FOREX trading realms, promising traders amplified opportunities and streamlined processes.


YaMarkets & CoinPayments: A Synergy of Strengths

Combining CoinPayments’ expertise in crypto payment solutions with YaMarkets’ commitment to delivering exceptional trading experiences means that traders can look forward to an innovative trading environment that seamlessly blends the efficiency of cryptocurrencies with the sophistication of FOREX trading. Traders can now easily use cryptocurrencies for trading, unlocking the potential of both worlds.

Kanchan Walia, Marketing Head, YaMarkets, commented: “This strategic move enables the company to reach a broader, global customer base, capitalizing on the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. The efficiency of crypto transactions aligns perfectly with the demands of YaMarkets’ clientele, providing them with swift and efficient deposit and withdrawal processes while delivering an innovative and user-friendly experience. This collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of online trading, offering a seamless blend of cryptocurrencies and FOREX.”

Fahad Shahab, Business Development Leader MENA at CoinPayments, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We’re thrilled to welcome YaMarkets on board for this exciting collaboration. Offering cryptocurrency payment options to FOREX traders allows YaMarkets to expand its global reach and tap into a highly sought-after revenue stream. Our cryptocurrency payment solution seamlessly complements FOREX, and I am confident that this integration will elevate YaMarkets to new heights with tangible benefits.”


CoinPayments: Revolutionizing Crypto Payments Since 2013

For over a decade, CoinPayments has been at the forefront of pioneering cryptocurrency payment solutions. With a robust platform that facilitates the acceptance of over 100 cryptocurrencies as payment, CoinPayments has established itself as a global leader in digital payments. Trusted by thousands of businesses and individuals since 2013, CoinPayments has earned its solid reputation in the industry as one of the most reputable crypto payment gateways available.


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