CoinPayments at ICE London 2024 Recap and Highlights

CoinPayments at ICE London 2024 Recap and Highlights

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CoinPayments has just concluded its latest expo, ICE London 2024, and as always, we’re thrilled to share our latest adventure at the forefront of iGaming innovation. From February 6th to 8th, we immersed ourselves in an electrifying atmosphere reminiscent of Las Vegas. The atmosphere at this year’s expo buzzed with an unparalleled energy, setting a new standard for excitement!

Highlights from ICE London 2024

ICE London is one of the best-known global gaming events, uniting the industry under one roof to explore groundbreaking solutions, cutting-edge tech, and invaluable networking. Throughout the expo, we proudly showcased our dedication to seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency payments into the iGaming realm.

We engaged in insightful discussions with industry stakeholders and enlightened them on our platform’s transformative potential. From tackling chargebacks to streamlining settlements, no stone was left unturned! We also revealed a host of exciting new features that are coming up in the latest version of our platform soon. Our interactions didn’t stop at our booth; we connected with luminaries and fellow exhibitors, gaining useful insights that shape the future of iGaming.

As ICE London drew to a close, the sense of achievement was palpable. Meaningful conversations paved the way for promising partnerships with clients and experts alike. Our dedicated team and engaging hosts played instrumental roles in our success, making this event truly unforgetable.

Key Takeaways for Visitors

Visitors left our booth with a newfound understanding of the synergies between iGaming and crypto, as well as important developments that they can expect in the future. Cryptocurrency’s role in revolutionising the gaming industry is undeniable, offering benefits like international accessibility, instant transactions, and robust fraud protection. At CoinPayments, we’re committed to spearheading this revolution and empowering iGaming companies to embrace crypto payments fully.

What’s Next?

The momentum from ICE London propels us forward with utter determination. Our sights are set on shaping the future of iGaming, and we’re excited to reconnect at future events, including our return to ICE next year in Barcelona, its new venue.

Next up is iFX Expo Latam in Mexico from April 9th to 11th, where we’ll be turning our attention to the FOREX and Fintech markets.

Missed ICE London 2024? Let’s Connect!

Couldn’t join us at ICE London 2024? No worries! Reach out to to discuss your crypto payment needs and join us on the journey towards the future of iGaming payments.

Thank You for Joining Us!

To all who’ve been part of this incredible journey, thank you! We’re filled with anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead. Visit our website today and sign up to be part of the revolution!


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